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How to give correct file ownerships and permissions to secure your app server

Linux is such a powerful Operating System and the permissions it provides are powerful and simple and yet most widely misunderstood. I have gone through so many forums and one common observation was there is lack of understanding on how permissions work. Most people give standard answers like put 644 or some ignorant ones even suggest 777, not knowing the underlying architecture of the system at all. I thought it is time to put a blog that clearly outlines what are these permissions and how they really work behind the scenes. There are many who know the underlying principles - i invite all of them to share their feedback to help expand this blog and serve newcomers even better. This blog is not about how to set permissions or how to improve security. How part has been covered by many bloggers, hence we will not be discussing any commands. I am only going to focus on What permissions to give and Why. Let's start Most common scenario is there is a website or an applicat