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Storing Objects in Session in Asp.Net Core

Since you are here, you already know the challenges of not being able to use Session in the same way as was possible in the days of .Net Framework. Hence I will get straight to the point of how to do this - without trying to tell you why you shouldn't store object in the session, because if you have a use case for storing session, then you need to know how to do it right - and how not to do it as well. However my approach should be either taken as an interim while you are migrating your old apps from Asp.Net Framework to Asp.Net Core - with a long term plan to move away from session objects all together, or you should use my recommended approach only if you are providing a single server solution or a box solution. First: How not to do this. Microsoft's official page recommends storing objects in a session as a serialised object - they are assuming we all need multiple servers for our projects. But whether we use multiple server or single server the solution for serial